Leading Our Future Leaders

As a nurse, you reach out to others and help guide them through any problems they may face; you always offer a lending hand and are passionate about what you do. If you didn’t love it, you wouldn’t be here, would you? Dynamic duo, Alicia Dunn and Gretchen Heinen, are best friends who share a passion for the health care industry and are striving their best to make any impact in the Lubbock Community. Dunn is a junior in the School of Nursing who met Heinen, a Texas Tech sophomore, through the TTUHSC Double T Health Services Corps, an organization that caters to all pre-health and current health professional students. The organization has a foundation of leading younger students into the appropriate healthcare field for them while also providing the Lubbock community with their services. It serves also as a hub for other projects students may get involved in, including Health Careers Club and Lunch Buddy Mentoring.


Every month, the students of Double T will volunteer their time through services such as the Ronald McDonald House, awareness walks, UMC, Buckner children’s home, and many others. When the two women wanted to seek other opportunities and areas to help, they founded the Health Careers Club. The club is open to all students of the selected middle school who spend one hour of their free time after school. Games and activities are used to spark excitement in the students to demonstrate what they can do in all areas of healthcare. Dunn and Heinen believe is it important to introduce the students to each of the healthcare areas they aspire to take part in. In their teenage years, most students don’t know where they would like to end up, and the club has been a positive light for not only nursing, but the health industry as a whole.

The School of Nursing is proud to have such leaders spark the light to our local middle school students and what they can do with their future. When asked what their main goal for the students was, Dunn responded with:

“School can get [them] anywhere, where ever [they] want to go.” 

All it takes is a leader to show them their options and where they succeed.

If you are interested in being a part of the Double T Health Services Corps, visit their site for more information!



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