A few weeks ago the TEDx Texas Tech University 2015 event was held and once again, 650 seats were sold out for a spectacular day of insightful and spectacular ideas. Speakers came in from all over to share their ideas and personal experiences, each with their own unique testimony. Among the speakers included a climate change expert, an astronaut, and champions of change.

Of course none of these talks would have been shared without the planning and volunteer time dozens of people put into the event. In the group of volunteers, Molly Willms, a graduating senior in the School of Nursing, was more than happy to spend her Saturday with the TEDx speakers, one of whom is her brother. We were able to share a few words with Molly and hear about her time with TEDx and why this experience was so important.


When the curtains are drawn, the speakers are there to capture the audience and share their knowledge and perspective. But what about them draws in the audience? Molly broke down how there is a variety in the speakers and each has their own uniqueness in their presentation. Of course with her brother as a speaker, she had an extra special year. She was able to see first hand what it takes to be a TEDx speaker but also enjoyed sharing the experience with him, “I especially loved how people came up to him after and talked with him about it,” she stated. This was a wonderful event for the siblings but also for the entire audience. Each member takes something to heart that they leave with; for Molly, she remembers discussing “what our world would be like if we truly tapped into the information that was being fed to us each day” after a talk by a TTU undergrad student.

However, it was the passion that drew Molly into the speakers. Aside from her brother of course, she was very in awe of Bryan Padgett, a pastor who spoke about ending sex trafficking within one generation, because of the extreme passion he showed and the message he had for the people raising the next generation of men. Speakers like Padgett are what inspires the audience to challenge their minds and try new things. If you take anything away from TED talks, Molly strongly encourages people to use these ideas to help live a better life. Be inspired to think differently and encourage others to do the same, because WHAT IF we supported each other every day like we do in TED talks?

If you were unable to attend the TEDx TTU event this year or want to recap what you loved, check out the TEDx TTU YouTube page and join the community in thinking differently and spreading these spectacular ideas.



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