Scholarship Success!

“Be unique and sell yourself for who you are, and don’t be afraid to brag!”

These are the words of one of this year’s National Student Nurses’ Association scholarship winners. Luke England of the SON Abilene campus has continuously set higher goals for himself, wanting to achieve more. This year he was awarded the Promise of Nursing for Texas Scholarship and encourages everyone to push themselves for incredible opportunities. During his time at Texas Tech University, Luke and the Texas Tech Ranch Horse Team won the national championship title and he went on to teach the skills he learned in European countries such as Norway and Germany. Today, Luke is using those same hard-working skill to get his BSN. He was also fortunate enough to take the exciting trip to Phoenix, Arizona this month to receive his scholarship and listen to intriguing speakers encouraging healthcare.


The NASA 63rd Annual Convention Opening Session and Awards Ceremony brought in scholarship winners and speakers from across the country to share their passion for the healthcare industry. The central theme around this year’s conference was how to be an advocate in nursing. As healthcare professionals, you must use collaborative care to ensure the best treatment for our community. England was able to attend several of the focused reviews presented, such as medical services and ethics in nursing. The conference was an interactive experience for England and allowed him to see where hard nursing can take you.


Being able to take home this scholarship was such an honor for England and his family. Of course he promises none of it would have happened without the support and influence from the Texas Tech System, specifically the faculty, and “the nursing community as a whole, especially the ones who are supports of our education and our future, both individuals, organizations, and companies.”

Programs such as the NSNA are essential for allowing our students to chase their dreams and see where higher education can lead them. The School of Nursing is honored to be a part of Luke’s experience and wishes him and the other NASA scholarship winners the best of luck in their healthcare career!


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