ConGRADulations 2015 Dean’s Ambassadors!

As we said goodbye and good luck to all our graduates this past weekend, we also said goodbye to a fantastic group of individuals who have devoted much of their free time this year to represent Dean Evans and the School of Nursing. Dean’s Ambassador Program is a leadership development program that provides a connection between the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) and guests, alumni and friends of the School of Nursing. Ten students were selected by Dean Evans to enter into a journey which would help shape their future as nurses who strive to impact healthcare by advancing the profession, improve the lives and health of others, and inspire others to achieve exceptional care.

Dean's Ambassadors

Each ambassador was eager to participate in a leadership development opportunity. Whether it be demonstrating the use of moulage to simulate an accident for the Health Careers Promotion event for middle school students, partnering with other student ambassadors to host guests at the Community Medical School or represent the dean at an alumni reunion. To show their support to School of Nursing alumni Captain James Dickens of the US Public Health Services, who was responsible for the first nurse-led interprofessional team into Liberia, they sent him a picture holding a sign that said “Red Raider Nurses Support Team 21”. In return, they received gratitude from Captain Dickens and Deputy Surgeon General, Rear Admiral Lushniak   As the Dean’s Ambassadors continued to grow as leaders, they utilized self-assessment tools like StrengthsFinder 2.0 and strengthen their knowledge on the Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing report.

“The Future of Nursing taught me about the role of a nurse in leadership. To procure the data and statistics, legislative experience, and communication necessary to take on changing Texas policy it requires a lot of different kinds of nursing leadership at many different levels in the field. This is exciting for me because it means that I could soon be involved even as a newly graduated nurse”

– Sydney Muehlstein

In addition, the Dean’s Ambassadors were fortunate to connect with many outstanding nationally-recognized nurse leaders like Dr. Patricia Yoder-Wise, Dr. Patricia Allen and Dr. Barbara Cherry.,

It was an honor to have future nurse leaders represent the School of Nursing and Dean Dr. Michael Evans for 2014-1015. We wish these graduates the best of luck in their careers proud to call each of them a TTUHSC School of Nursing Alumna! And now, we are thrilled to bring in a new class of future nurse leaders for 2015-2016. The Lubbock campus welcomes Caroline Cole, Michelle Carter, Becka Bradley, Sydney Collins, Justine Dockery, Alicia Dunn, Florence Emmanuel, Laura Hernandez, Janice Im, Morgan McAnelly, Karyss McCullar, Jacob Shelton, Cody Snyder, Justine Washburn, and Emily Wehmeyer. The School of Nursing is proud to have Luke England, Julian Montoux and Manuel Navarro representing Dean Evans and Regional Dean Merritt in the Abilene community.

Dean's Ambassadors


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