TTUHSC School of Nursing Dean’s Ambassadors Leadership Retreat 2015


On July 20th, the Dean’s Ambassadors from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) School of Nursing, participated in a leadership retreat on the outskirts of Lubbock at Spirit Ranch. The Dean’s Ambassador Program is a leadership development program that provides a connection between the TTUHSC and guests, alumni and friends of the School of Nursing. This year, three ambassadors from our Abilene campus and 15 ambassadors from the Lubbock campus joined in on the fun at the retreat.

11778128_10204427081266666_1097424835_n At the retreat the ambassadors learned new levels of personal awareness, while being given practical strategies for producing winning results as a team in everything they touch!


The leadership development retreat gave the ambassadors an opportunity to go beyond simple concepts. The Retreat at Spirit Ranch brought true teamwork to life by facilitating rigorously tested programs which maximized the students’ ability to collaborate effectively with others.


Justine Dockery, senior nursing student and ambassador, said she really enjoyed the initiative with the teeter-totter board (pic below). The students had to balance as a group on a platform board that was sitting on a log. The board was not allowed to touch the ground and everyone had to be on the board at once. With many ideas, attempts and strategies, the ambassadors conquered the challenge and celebrated as a team on top of the board.

“It was challenging, but I loved how much our group was determine to get it done! It really showed everyone’s true strengths.” 

–Justine Dockery


At TTUHSC School of Nursing, we strive to highlight leadership and teamwork. We are a school with a futuristic vision and with that, we try to lead our students into a successful and productive atmosphere by providing retreats for our ambassadors to learn tips and skills to share with other students by example. Along with the activities the ambassadors participated in, they also learned about “The Four Cornerstones” of leadership: trust, understanding, freedom, unity and joy – all of which made our leaders think and communicate about their individual lives and how each factor related to their role as a leader.


The ambassadors also did a StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment. StrengthsFinder 2.0 is a tool that provides you with the opportunity to develop strengths by building on what you do best — the way you most naturally think, feel, and behave as a unique individual. At the retreat, the assessment discovered the talents about each ambassador.  They were able to gain insight into how to use their specific talents to achieve better success as a leader. After finding out their own talents, they collaborated with their peer leaders to talk about how each talent works well with others and why.

“StrengthsFinder 2.0 was an excellent exercise to learn more about not only our peers, but also ourselves. Being able to see the diversity of strengths that each ambassador possesses, just proves how strong of a team the Dean’s Ambassadors will be!”

                                                                                  -Emily Wehmeyer, Ambassador


The ambassadors look forward to an awesome year as representatives for the School of Nursing. The 2015 retreat created unforgettable and meaningful experiences that the ambassadors will continue learning from and building upon.



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